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erp (enterprise resource planning)

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enterprise resource planning

Planning your resources effectively

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is, considered by many, to be a black art only accessible to very large blue chip organisations. The truth is VERY different.

The term ERP originally involved systems designed to plan the use of enterprise-wide resources. Although ERP originated in the manufacturing environment, today's use of the term ERP has a much broader scope and is considerably more flexible and easy to implement.

ERP systems typically attempt to cover all basic functions of an organization, regardless of the organization's business or charter. Businesses, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, governments, and other large entities utilise ERP systems.

Our approach to ERP is to bring together a full suite of affordable e-business solutions that allow your resource planning to grow as your business needs grow. An almost modular approach that starts with e-commerce working and interacting with Sage®500 and Sage®1000 to help streamline your business and reduce ever growing running costs. This can then flow seamlessly into a new intranet or extranet CRM solution.

An example of this might be a team or volunteers or a sales team all needing to record data into say a Sage® environment. Rather than the need to buy hundreds of licences, we could build an environment whereby user's record data through an intranet and this then automatically drives the data into Sage® allowing your organisation to better manage its resources.

Example elements within a comprehensive ERP solution might include:

Manufacturing, Banking, Accounting, CRM, Distribution, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Warehousing, Managerial and Decision Making Support

Not so long ago all of these would use standalone solutions with little or no interaction. Our objective as successful businesses in the 21st century is to bring all of this information into one data pool.

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