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crm (customer relationship management)

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crm (customer relationship management)

Bespoke CRM Solutions

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a modern day necessity for any business. Fundamentally it is made up of three key functions. We'll outline these functions in a moment but first we want to discuss the benefits of a Just30 CRM product.

We don't sell vanilla, white boxed products. Our CRM is very specifically built from the ground up to suit your business. As a result of this early bespoke adoption we can build a product with very specific functionality and, as with all of our solutions, it is very flexible.

Whilst boxed CRM solutions are quick to implement, they are often clunky in their operation and generally offer very little by way of flexibility and ultimately only a very small percentage of their functionality is suitable for your business. This is definitely not a product where "One Size Fits All"

Those boxed products that do allow for modification often require very expensive support and/or a significant technical in-house department to manage and implement change.

The previously mentioned functions of a well thought out CRM include:


Operational CRM provides support to the main business processes, including sales, marketing and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff and customers alike can retrieve information from the database when necessary via a secure login using the latest security technologies.

Some of the main benefits of this contact history are that customers can interact with different people or different departments in a company over time without having to describe the history of their interaction each time. It also allows for careful and targeted campaigning, special offers and demographic data and can be used as a useful resource for clients requiring order history, anticipated deliver dates, order facilities and trading history.

A well designed and functional bespoke CRM lends itself well to later integration with a full ERP environment.


A collaborative CRM covers the direct interaction with customers, for a variety of different purposes, including feedback and issue-reporting to sales and purchasing trends. Interaction can be through a variety of media, such as web, email, and intranet, extranet and even new technologies such as automated SMS.


Analytical CRM analyzes customer data for a variety of purposes:

  • Proven and accurate data facilitates the design and execution of targeted marketing campaigns to optimise marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Design and execution of specific customer campaigns, including customer service, acquisition, cross-selling, up-selling, retention, warranties and order tracking.
  • Analysis of customer behaviour to aid product and service decision making (e.g. pricing, new product development, product launch etc.)
  • Management decisions, e.g. financial forecasting and customer profitability analysis, budgetary planning, business development models, product strengths etc.
  • Sales data in varying packets, from regional and seasonal trends to demographic data based on evolving data sets.
  • Prediction of the probability of customer defection (churn).

Analytical CRM generally makes heavy use of both predictive analytics along with factual data and management input.

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