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sample brief

To be brief...

It usually starts with one simple statement... "I want a website for my business", then the questions follow...

  1. What do I want the site to do?
  2. What about content, who's going to write it?
  3. Where do I get my images from?
  4. Can I update it?
  5. Do I need to have an accessible site?

1) Start with a set of objectives, a list of what you hope the site will achieve for your business, whether that's to increase brand awareness, add additional sales in conjunction with your existing outlets, to reduce the amount of time staff spend answering enquiries which can be answered online or all three.

2) Whilst we can offer advice on how to best approach content writing, we prefer that you provide it because you know your business inside out, are passionate about it and can usually answer questions about it should they arise. All we ask is that you are able to provide all the required content in a timely manner. This depends on the nature of your organisation of course, you may have staff who can be given the project, engage a content writer for you or if you're a smaller business, yourself.

3) Images are very important to set the right tone and visual appeal of your site. If you have a standard digital camera, whilst it may take some good external shots, photos taken inside of products, staff etc can be a let down when compared to a professional photographers' efforts and you should give serious consideration to having your photographs taken by a professional. If you already have images and photographs you should ensure that you have the right to use them. All images supplied by us are specifically for your site and we have the licencing to ensure that you don't have any issues later on. It is your responsibility as the site owner to ensure you have the correct rights and licencing for all images and content used on your site.

4) We offer site creation with and without content management systems (CMS). CMS can be useful for businesses which have areas of the site that change frequently, such as a news or careers page. If you determine that your site may only need updating occasionally you may decide to take out a maintenance agreement instead where you send us the content and we change it for you within an agreed timeframe.

5) Accessibility has improved over the years as far as browser compliance goes, Just30 endeavours to ensure that all sites we create at least meet compliance with the coding structures in place such as W3C XHTML - however, to meet complaince with accessibility guidelines there is usually a tradeoff between price and compliance. The more accessible a site must be, the more the price increases because of the additional time it takes to add the additional coding to meet the compliance standards (see W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines for an extensive report on the subject of accessibility standards).

Additional Information:

Read our article on e-commerce and the responsibilities of you, the site owner has to ensure you comply with the regulations concerning this online activity and our article on data protection. You'd be amazed at how many businesses fail to register.

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